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Vochelle chocolates are passionately made with an absolute commitment to quality, blended with the aromatic, exuberant goodness of 100% premium quality cocoa butter with the finest ingredients from around the world to produce gold-standard and palate-pleasing chocolate creations with only the richest, most exquisite flavours. 

The creamy smoothness & nuanced taste of Vochelle Dairy Milk Chocolate will melt in your mouth. The dry roasted Hazelnuts to delicious perfection which are high in protein that comes in a whole, covered with creamy smooth milk chocolate. Craving for both Fruits & Nuts? The blend of juicy Fruits & Nuts come in a whole, and they are also covered with creamy, smooth milk chocolates. 

Enjoy both the creamy goodness of smooth milk chocolate & the delightful crunch of whole Almonds, Hazelnuts, Nuts & Juicy Fruits. A perfect combination of juicy Fruits & crunchy roasted Nuts which enable you to enjoy the triple delight of high-quality smooth chocolate. This is called fat bloom and is caused by the cocoa butter contained in the chocolate. Although this creates an unfavourable impression, it does not render the chocolates unfit for consumption

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