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An exotic combination of chewy Cranberries and Chocolate. Exotic Cranberries are lavishly covered in Creamilicious-ly Rich and Mouth-Melting Milk Chocolate. The blissful goodness of sinful Chocolate closes in a subtle and Fruity note. Taking the taste buds to Cloud Nine and back, the rich Textures and Flavors of delicate Chocolate Coated Cranberries are an assured royalty to Treat your taste buds to.

  • exotic Cranberries are rich in Minerals and Vitamin C
  • Chewy  Cranberries are generously coated with a thick layer of Irresistibly Silky Milk-Chocolate.
  • Comes enclosed in a beautiful Tin Box that is Reusable for eternity.
  • a Gluten-free delicacy, Suitable for all Ages and Occasions.

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