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Hellmann's Organic Mayonnaise is made on the best raw materials such as organic oil and organic eggs, which always come from chickens who can go free outdoors. The oil and the eggs give the mayonnaise both a nice creamy texture and a full taste. Good to everything and to the whole family! Hellmann's Organic also has a high content of unsaturated fat, as it is good if we eat more of the Swedish dietary areas. Hellmann's Organic is perfect for those looking for a good alternative to our classic favorites, with the same amazing taste! For over 100 years ago, Hellmann's Mayonnaise was created in a deli in New York. The Creator, Richard Hellmann, marked their best products by tying a blue band around them. These blue ribbons are still on our label today and they highlight our constant commitment to high quality produks. Today, Hellmann's continues to manufacture products with sustainable ingredients of quality. Not only because we think it improves our products, but because it is the right thing to do. Therefore, Hellmann's organic mayonnaise 100% made of eggs from free-range chickens and sustainably produced oils. Our organic mayonnaise fits both for your shrimp sandwich, burgers, or as an accessory for the weekend dinner party with the friends. With our solid knowledge in good, simple and honest food with a focus to contribute to a sustainable environment, we create food to enjoy. We help people enjoy the simple pleasure of good and sustainable food without worry or waste. For all food lovers, enjoy delicious food with Hellmann's.

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