True Elements Baked Granola 450g

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With Almonds & Cranberries | Diet Food | Granola for Breakfast | Healthy Cereal

About this item

  • DIET SNACK: Being baked and not fried, this can be your new favourite on-the-go snack partner, loaded with the perfectly blended ingredients full of whole grains, nutrients and health benefits.
  • HEALTHY FOOD: With zero added sugar in our granola, a small serving of baked granola can fill your stomach anytime of the day by not compromising on your health needs, and also takes care of the blood sugar levels in a tastier yet healthier way.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS LOADED: They are a rich source of fibre and antioxidants, both of which can contribute to maintaining the overall health of the body by preventing the entry of foreign particles in your body.
  • FIBRE RICH: Fibre present in the oats can help in maintaining the blood sugar levels, making it a tasty, sweet treat for diabetic patients.
  • PROTEIN PACKED: Our granola is loaded with a high amount of plant based protein to give you the required energy boost for starting your day off right.

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