True Elements Rolled Oats 500g - Gluten Free

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About this item

  • HEART HEALTHY: Since it also rich in magnesium, rolled oats can be helpful in improving the heart health
  • FIBRE RICH OATS: Being high in fibre content, these oats are good to be consumed in the morning as a breakfast to help you get started for the day
  • ENHANCES SKIN: Due to the presence of vitamins like Vitamin B, oats can help in improving the skin health and enhancing the quality of your skin
  • ANTIOXIDANT RICH: Power packed with antioxidants, rolled oats can help in fighting off the free radicals and save you from immunity disorders
  • PROTEIN PACKED OATS: Packed with protein, a bowl of this wholesome oats can help in giving you extra energy to sustain throughout the day. Note: Packaging of product is changed, but the inside product is same

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