Callebaut 811: 53.1% Dark Couverture Chocolate

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34.5% Cocoa Butter, 20.1% Cocoa Solids

Great for Ganaches and Molding Medium-Sized to larger hollow figures.

Recipe no. C811 is the less-fluid variety of the iconic 811 dark chocolate created by Octaaf Callebaut. It has a mooth cocoa body, pleasant intensity and a round, extremely well-balanced taste – easy to pair with a wide variety of other flavors and ingredients. The C811 contains about 3% less cocoa butter than the 811, is less fluid and therefore ideal for creating ganaches with a stable, thicker texture. The C811 furthermore allows molding of bigger hollow figures with a thicker shell: hollow figures of about 25-35 cm can be molded in one go. It aldo is a great chocolate for making cake decorations: when tempered, the less fluid texture keeps the chocolate from becoming runny too easily.

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